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Voyageur Flat/Round Front 


  1. The Voyageur line of Trailer is a division of an Agassiz trailer.

  2. The trailer is built to the same high quality standard thats is associated with the Agassiz Triple wedge design, Only without the Triple wedge design.

  3. The Voyageur, by Agassiz, we will still incorporate the L.E.D. lights, I beams, and undercoat the unit, the same as the Triple wedge "V" front, other than spring axles as well.

  4. The Voyageur is the only trailer that we will manufacture in a 4 or 5 foot width because aerodynamics is not as big an issue.

  5. We build the Voyageur line of trailers in the 8 1/2 foot wide as well. The slightly rounded front Voyageur 
    8 1/2 foot wide trailers are mainly used or build for the Auto haulers, used in behind motor homes, although they are also used for other applications.

  6. There is a slight cost saving with the Voyageur line of trailer as compared to the Triple wedge "V" front.



  • Round nose front
  • Ibeam cross members
  • Undercoating
  • One piece rolled aluminum roof
  • Heavy duty safety chains
  • Aluminum fenders
  • All steel frame
  • 030 smooth exterior aluminum
  • Dissimilar metal barrier
  • Formed steel rear header
  • Steel roof bars
  • Door(s) are double sealed to auto industry standards
  • Cambar lock door latches
  • Safety spring chains on doors
  • Sealed side walls and floor
  • 1/4" Iuan fiberboard lining
  • Enclosed wiring harness with L.E.D lights