Optional Features

Agassiz manufactures a very high quality of enclosed cargo trailers, and that is already a fact.

Now, for those of you who want the little extras in addition to the trailer, or just want to make it personal, here are the options which we can incorporate:

Popular options:

  • Aluminum wheel upgrades
  • Spare tires
  • Side doors with special options
  • R.V. doors
  • Rear ramp doors

Structural options:

  • Additional height for taller payloads
  • Frames customized with beavertails, and more strength with additional crossmembers
  • Hitches with triple tube tongues and pintle-eye rings or equalizer hitch ready
  • Front and rear stabilizer jacks

Exterior options:

  • Stone guard and/or 2 ft. wide stone guard on side and bottom just to dress it up or protect against flying rocks
  • Extra thick aluminum skin upgrade
  • Ladder rack
  • Fuel doors and escape hatches
  • Windows
  • Roof vents (powered & non-powered) or two way side wall vents
  • Awnings of all sizes

Interior options:

  • Fastening systems of different kinds. D-rings for cars or motorcycles. E-track on walls for fastening loads of all kinds
  • Motorcycle wheel chocks
  • Wall options like insulated walls and white aluminum lined walls. Fiberglass reinforced panels is popular for office or concession trailers
  • Aluminum lined or fiberglass lined insulated ceiling

Electrical options:

  • Dome lights
  • Additional clearance lights
  • Winches
  • Air conditioners

Value package options:

Very often it's actually less money when you want more. When grouping together options, we can be more efficient and pass on the savings to our customers and in turn you get more for your hard earned dollar.

Here are some packaged options:

Deluxe Convenience Package - includes side entrance door (2 total), 12 volt dome lights, 1 wall switch, 1 non-powered roof vent and a 24" wide front stone guard

Landscape Package - includes I-beams as cross members 16" on centre in floor, 60" triple tube tongue, 32" side door, 2 ft. wide front stone guard, rear ramp door, ¾" plywood kickplate 12" high on sidewalls, two 12 volt dome lights, two 2-way sidewall vents on front and rear, 2 non-powered roof vents, and 4 recessed wall mount "D" rings halfway up on wall or as requested.

Contractor package : I-beams as cross members on floor, 16" on centre, 60" triple tube tongue, 36" side door , 24" stone guard, ¾" plywood interior walls, two 12 volt dome lights, 1 non-powered roof vent and 2 section roof top ladder rack.